Friday, November 29, 2019

I'm very grateful to The Roxy Theater and the local Missoula community who come out to enjoy good movies, good comedy, & good triple-organic popcorn*. I've been employed at The Roxy for almost seven years, and constantly feel lucky to work here. In 2020 we're expanding into a small building next door so we can install a 4th screen PLUS a new concessions stand. There is a rumor that under the carpet there is an old hardwood floor which, if this is true, will be revealed soon.

Please check out this minute-long fundraising video created by Roxy's Director, and my good friend, Mike Steinberg. My other pal, Ken Grinde, helped. It's of an old-school-style rap I wrote called "Roxy Delight," featuring me and Mr. Anthony Brown--sort of a cross between Sugar Hill Gang, Fat Boys, and RUN-DMC. Fressssshhhh!

*Triple-organic = organic kernels, organic safflower oil, & organic butter served in a stainless steel bowl with a dash of hand-harvested Celtic sea salt. Gourmet!

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