Thursday, April 23, 2020

Sandman's Bandcamp

HEY, FOLKS! Greetings from Quarantown, USA. Headquarters of Lockdown, Inc.

First off, because people have been asking, if you so desire to download any of my past records, look no further than my Bandcamp page.* 

I've written over a hundred songs since my last record in 2016, but I've been way too busy with life to do much recording. Expect a children's record--"Cow Cow"--out by year's end, though. I was scheduled to finish it in March, but the Canadian border closed the week prior to my planned departure.

Below is a re-mix video version of the title track (beats composed by Shawn Parke / TikTok video by Omar Perez).

What else is there to say? Haven't worked my job at The Roxy for almost six weeks. I'm home-(er, crisis)-schooling my daughter four days a week, and she is very bored. I went vegan in January and then back-slid to vegetarian during the pandemic. I thus traded a can of old beef for a rusty, old, beautiful cruiser bicycle (thanks, Nate Biehl!). 

In sum, life is as good, weird, disorienting, terrifying, holy, and perfect as ever. I just wish I could be touring during this downtime. Hopefully autumn, pre-election. 

Until then, with Love,

Chris "Sandman" Sand


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