Sunday, November 09, 2008

The long-haul fish trucking business has been slow all autumn. I've gone from five runs per month last winter and spring (approx. $3000/month gross) to two runs per month (approx. $1200/month gross). My own private recession.

Fortunately, the monthly mortgage is only $55. Cell phone $50. Car insurance $40. Internet and house telephone $70. Other utilities $80. Food $120. I don't have health insurance, child support bills, pets, credit card debt, or expensive habits. I don't drive my car much.

I spend money mostly on (1) music related projects: recording, manufacturing, promotion, and distribution of songs, and (2) house improvement.

With $1500 in the bank and scant trucking opportunities, I won't have enough cash to continue paying bills and travel to South America this winter. Instead, I'll tour the southern U.S. in January and February and peddle wares and services.

I am pleased to report that digital downloads are picking up.

Life is groovy. It's been good working with Dad on my house. The washer and dryer are reinstalled. The trim boards are stripped, stained, and varnished. The living room is painted. The bead board is up in the bathroom. The porch is done, except for the steps. Various landscaping projects are complete.

This free time also allows space to cook quality meals, research history on the web, and visit kin. Today I walked to Dunn Center City Hall and played pinochle for three hours with a group of thirty friends, senior citizens all. Neighbor Alice sent me home with a ham, lettuce, and cheese sandwich and some coconut caramel cake.

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