Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My pal Jeff Morrow, the Niarada saddle maker whose fiftieth birthday party I performed at this summer, just returned from a bighorn ram hunting trip. The odds of drawing a tag are extremely rare, so he made the most of it by camping and hunting for ten whole days. He sent dozens of pics. In sum: shelter, bedding, alcohol, terrain, brother ram.

Click on the top right photo and you'll see my pillow cases are gettin' around!


Anonymous said...

Bighorn sheep are the guardians of the Mt's, not fun for white trash to shoot!
Wake up

Chris Sand said...

First of all, Jeff's one of the most conscientious people I know. Secondly, the phrase "white trash" is classist.

You and I are in agreement that Bighorn sheep are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I know Jeff, too. He preserves and eats almost every edible part of what he hunts. He's a hunter in the best sense of the term.

cro magnon said...

This is my first bolg entry ever. It's exciting in a People magazine sort of way. Well, I guess I always knew I was a lowlife, but always fancied my self as more of a hillbilly than white trash.
I want extend an invite to Mr. First Anonymous to a guided tour of the sheep country. Learn where they spend winter, summer, fall, etc, and see some great country. The sheep are super cool, seem to live in-between noisy places for security, not to mention that they prefer steep and cliffy places. Steaks are included in this offer; that's one reason why I went down there, but mostly to learn sheep habits, and see new country. While I was camping there, a boreal owl visited twice, and saw fresh bear kill (elk), and I saw 6 moons and two clouds on Saturn with a borrowed spotting scope. Well, gotta go club my mate over the head for some fun.
A dios, Cro