Saturday, November 01, 2008

"Go Bama Go!": The Video

To watch with higher video resolution go here, and click "watch in high quality."

I wrote half the lyrics four years ago, and the other half last winter. I collaborated with Willie Wisely and Ryan Perez-Daple on the music. Brian Castillo and Elizabeth Hummel made the video. Thanks all!

The horse's name is Shorty, by the way. He's one of Grandpa's. There's no tellin' if Shorty's a Democrat, Republican, or other. Probably other.

Note that the "dear old mother" picture is of Grandma Sand, not Mama Sand. Brian wanted the mother image to be of someone in her golden years, not middle-aged. And although Grandma is an Obama supporter, it may not be true that she has a crush on him like Mom does.

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