Friday, April 18, 2008

While trucking, Bull Goodall likes to have the radio on. The noise helps drown out all the gear grinding. This works for me, as the rig is equipped with Sirius Satellite Radio, with lots of music/news choices and good fidelity.

The Fox News Channel is his top choice. He also likes the Jimmy Buffett Channel, The Coffee House (singer-songwriters), and The Roadhouse ('60s and '70s country).

My three faves:

1. Outlaw Country. This station has great deejays--Elizabeth Cooke, Steve Earle, Shooter Jennings, Mojo Nixon, and Rig Rocker. Rig Rocker plays mostly trucking songs, and there are thousands.

2. Heart & Soul. Modern R & B. Love it.

3. Planet Jazz. This station is best when deejay David Johannsen is in the booth. His song selection is wicked-sweet.


I fly to Denver today to see Christy. Tonight we'll join my aunt, uncle, and cousins for a campfire supper in Erie.

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