Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm livin' large, y'all. Just returned from an active Colorado weekend with my lady, Christy Renee. She greeted me at the Denver Airport in style, sporting her brown '66 Chevy pickup, "Darlin'."

We boogied 35 minutes north to Erie for a barbecue and campfire hootenanny at Alex and Kelly's. Cousin Jenny was there, too, with her guitar-playing, dulcet-voiced friend, Krista. Uncle Ken & Aunt Christi came over from Longmont. Hannah & Liljiana made colorful drawings of butterflies and frogs and passed them around.

On Saturday Christy and I motored three hours west to Steamboat Springs, CO, where we stayed at the cozy and hospitable Steamboat Guest House. We took advantage of the bright, round moon and drove to Strawberry Hill Hot Springs for an evening soak. For two hours we had our own sandy-bottomed hot pot, with waterfall. Eventually we ventured out into the populated pools that terraced lower and lower alongside and into the rushing Elk River.

Yesterday--Sunday--we meandered back through Denver to Boulder, to visit Christy's friend Kaia, a professional masseuse. At Christy's pre-arranged request, Kaia gave me an intensely relaxing two-hour massage. Christy cooked us a gourmet-riffic meal of asparagus and pork tenderloin.

Life is good. Life is real good.

Thanks for the magical weekend, Christy.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you Chris.


Anonymous said...

Makes me hanker for some of that. Hot pots in my house are full of tasty food. Take a dip in that!