Friday, April 04, 2008

Lazlo the Laptop has died for a second time, perhaps to rise nevermore.

Which is why I'm on Dad's slow iMac. Dad, meanwhile, is in Montana waiting to get back surgery. Mom is with him, awaiting knee surgery. Grandma Vi, also in Montana, just got a hip-hop--I mean hip operation.

If only Lazlo could find a suitable surgeon, too.

To recap last week:

March 30th. My cousin Alex, on his 33rd birthday, picked me up at the Denver airport and delivered me to my downtown-parked vehicle. I immediately drove to Erie and spent the afternoon with Alex, Kelly, Hannah, and Liljiana. I love my cousins. Around 4 p.m., I attempted to make it to Spearfish, SD, to visit more cousins. Sadly, I became the victim of a dastardly blizzard and had to hunker down at the Raw Hide Hotel in Lusk, WY.

March 31st. Completed the icy drive north. Slept in my Killdeer, ND, bed.

April 1st. Awoke at 4 a.m. Resumed long-haul commercial trucking career. Picked up live fish load in Renville, MN.

April 2nd. Drove 1,200 miles west with Shawn Goodall.

April 3rd. Drove 1,000 miles east with Shawn Goodall.

April 4th. Finally arrived home at 8 a.m. Ambled up to Killdeer Mountain with Grandpa and Uncle Ken. Fixed Jenny's Well. Ate Grandma's venison/carrot soup.

I have a girlfriend now. Her name is Christy Renee, and she turned 34 today. She's not imaginary--I'll introduce you to her sometime. Happy Birthday, Miss Indiana! See you in less than two weeks.

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