Sunday, January 14, 2007

Tonight's show, in Flagstaff, was the opposite of last night's. Instead of sweet toddlers, there were aggressive twenty-somethings.

Getting here was daunting. I drove through two hours of blizzard, arriving just in time at the Hotel Monte Vista Cocktail Lounge.

My friend Dmitri, from the fine band Golden Boots, sat in on drums for my whole set. The weirdest part of the evening was when a belligerent drunk guy continually requested G.G. Allin songs. I was drunk, too, and eventually decided to punch him in the face. (I'm ashamed.) He swung back a couple times in retribution. His friends bought me a beer as a peace offering. Eventually, the guy started one too many fights, broke a light, and was officially kicked out.

Owen Ludwig, who booked the show for me, was able to get me a free night's stay at the historic Hotel Monte Vista. The room was painted gold and had chunky metallic cherubs affixed to the ceiling.

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