Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I just stumbled across this on YouTube's website. That's Jonah aka "Blandow Charismium" beatboxing and Chad aka "Garf" on drums. I'm not sure who videotaped it, but it's from the Seattle show at Sunset Tavern last month.

I'm in Los Angeles, tonight, at my ol' pal Asher D. Dudley's apartment. Asher used to play with Camo and me in the Workhorses of Yesteryear: Nashville's Finest Hip-Hop Jug Band. Now he works as an on-air graphics operator for a national TV station. (That's Asher's picture to the left.)

Last night I played a show in Oakland at a punk rock barber shop/cafe. A few friends showed up, including Jen Grady and her boyfriend Quinn and her girlfriend Sasha. We all went bar hopping after the show and then spent the night at Sasha's, high in the Oakland hills.

The weather is idyllic today, and the flowers and trees smell sweet.

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