Saturday, September 02, 2006

There's been a noticeable shift in the weather here in western North Dakota. Swimming season is over, and camping season is beginning. I love this time of year.

Last night I played a show for about 150 Labor Day campers along the Missouri River. Little kids were boogeying down to "Radio Works Fine." Old folks were applauding the humor annd wisdom of "Typical."

Sometimes, though, I feel like Chuck Berry, relying on old hits and failing to come up with new ones. I have a feeling that when I go to Europe next spring, I'll be reinspired.

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Anonymous said...

chris, you are experiencing Sumtumn. here's the pitch:
Not ready for summer to end? try Sumtumn...the new season between summer and autumn that i just invented. that sad, but exciting, feeling that the lazy carefree months are over; combine with the anticipation of change, to create a brilliant new season that has just what you're looking for. clutching onto Summer while K-College commence in spurts? you do not have to fall into the Fall mentality--Sumtumn allows you to go on that roadtrip, to go swimming, to stay up all night. heading back to school, meeting new friends and saying goodbye to the rest? don't feel nostalgic quite yet, Sumtumn will soften the blow. it lets students know they can wear shorts, attend the State and Renaissance Fairs, and not buckle down quite yet. Sumtumn starts on the first day the first teacher or student goes back to school. and it lasts indefinitely, or until the folliage really starts to catch your eye. this buffer zone will ready your mind for the beautiful fleeting season ahead, Autumn/Fall.
Sumtumn is just straight ahead thinking, do not think about Summer or Fall while in the midst of Sumtumn. Sumtumn was just invented on Friday or Saturday by Mr.Awesome. there are 3 converts so far, so get on board y'all.