Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Summer Vacation 2006 Shout-Outs:

1. Bryher. Thanks for the gourmet supper, chokecherry syrup, and Patti Smith's sweet Tramping CD.

2. Aunt Theresa and Uncle Dan. Thanks for the tacos, western shirt, and attachable handlebar moustache (which may become my new look). It was fun joking around with you both, and with Bekah and Josh.

3. Grandma, you're looking good! See you in December.

4. Annie G., many thanks for the mechanic hook-up, the haircut, the beer, bagel, beanie, breakfast, and blow-up bed. And the good company.

5. Mark. Thanks for loaning me your dad's pickup. Nice job with the starter. Keep rockin' the liquid ice cream . . .

6. ABC House. Thanks for the spare room. I ate a slice of moldy pie when y'all weren't looking.

7. Nerviz, Timezone, and Blandow--I highly enjoyed our camp fire conversations. It's possible that we're the funkiest old-man, white, hip hop crew that NEVER rocked a drunken bar crowd. At least on the same stage at the same time.

8. Teresa, Trisha, Jen, Kika & Parker, Nina, Kelly, Heidi, Kerry & Adrian, Candice. I regret that I ran out of time to pay you all visits. December.

9. Pete, thanks for the octopus joke. It's gaining me world-wide fame. Greg--tennis bin laden? Andras, good luck with your fast. David--nice choice with the ladies. Sydney, your new business is rad. Christian, nice house. Autumn, have you quit Jack in the Box yet? Jasper, Mike D., Jusby, folks at the Shop, K Records, Azure, Arrington, Rachael, Freya, Lucinda, Random, Hollis, Kindred, and to all whom I've forgotten to mention--word to your mothers.

10. Tom & Karin. The movie, meal, and mattress were marvelous. Merci.

11. Earl & Susan. I had fun cruisin'. Also--your outdoor clawfoot tub made my trip. Send me pictures when you can.

12. Jed & Letty. Your party ruled! Tell your parents, or whomever paid for it all, gracias. To all who listened around the camp fire--stay in touch . . .

13. Excalibur, my car. You're an easy rider. Thanks to Buck's and AAA for the help.

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