Tuesday, September 05, 2006

There are genuine drovers in our midst! A crew of ten cowboys on horseback is pushing a couple hundred longhorn steers through Dunn County on a 250-mile journey to Jamestown, ND. I couldn't resist walking into their camp tonight and striking up some conversations. Before long, they had me reciting cowboy poetry. They fed me beer and tales of their journey.

They only go about ten miles a day. I'm tempted to track them down again tomorrow night. If I do, I'll bring a camera.

Thursday morning I drive Excalibur west. Lili's memorial is Saturday afternoon in Olympia, Washington, and I want to be there. Mom will ride with me as far as Missoula.

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Anonymous said...

Give me a call if you need a rest stop on the way. I'll treat you to a meal or a walk in one of our many parks to refresh your spirits and stretch the legs. No, I don't work for the Spokane Chamber of Commerce. Why do you ask?