Monday, April 24, 2006

My friend Margi, the eagle biologist, just hired another biologist to help her out for the summer. The new biologist is Kristen, and she's super rad. Here are some Kristen factoids: she's from a prairie town south of Winnipeg, Manitoba; she's of Ukranian heritage; she's 28; she likes to surf and snowboard; she owns a huge dog; she has three brothers; she likes to bake things. Last night she cooked up a feast of Greek food for my folks and me. It's good to have another friend out here.

Today I got to thinking that the cover on my January-released CD, Good to Be Awake, was a poor choice. But then I came across these:


Anonymous said...

'All My Friends Are Dead'??? Wow,
that must have been the feel good hit of the year... 'Let Me Touch Him'??? Crazy creepy. Do you ever think about how much of yourself you pour into your art... how it's a part of you. how much of who you are is tied up in the work? Think of that- and then imagine that these ppl feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

all my friends are dead
julie's 16th birthday
were both part of jack norton's
record collection...i remember
seeing them on his page.
these are great records in every aspect.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the old adage still rings true. Perhaps we shouldn't judge a record by it's cover... or title.


Chris Sand said...

Sometimes beauty = sublime ugliness.
Yet somehow I know that the music won't be as perfect as the covers.

Anonymous said...

Julie will always be sixteen, I saw to that... John Bult