Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Here's the theater/gymnasium/dance hall
I spoke of wanting to buy and restore:

Big and beautiful:


Anonymous said...

hot dang!
do whatever it is you can...make it yours! make it your community's! leave a legacy and all that shit. and then, once successfully accomplished...let us all know how to go about it. i, for one, would specifically like to know.
(have you ever written a grant, by the way? that's a skill that we should all learn...like changing a tire, or basic plumbing issues)

Anonymous said...

check into how dodge, nd financed remodeling their auditorium.
or talk to carol gjovik about how to get some grant money.
I heard that building has an awesome floor in it that really needs to be preserved.
will take a lot of work and dedication (plus money)!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey doll, How old is the b.b.building? Is there historic register possibility? Check into state, federal and local grants for community improvement. What a great way to help your town. The Shop found a bunch of $ to fix the run-down neighborhood where it is located... let's hope the cash box hasn't been raided for a war chest.xoxo