Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Richard Pryor (December 1, 1940 - December 10, 2005)

"He did not simply tell stories, he brought them to vivid life, revealing the entire range of black America's humor, from its folksy rural origins to its raunchier urban expressions." New York Times

Pryor was the freshest comedian of our era, in my opinion.
Stan "Tookie" Williams III (December 29, 1953 - December 13, 2006).

"If Stan Tookie Williams had been born in Connecticut in the same type of situation, and was a white man, he would have been running a company." Jamie Foxx

I'm not gonna scapegoat Arnold, but still--what a prick. It's weird that a European-born womanizer and pot-head can be given so much power in the USA.


Chris Sand said...

it's also weird that both Pryor and Williams were born and died during the month of december.

Anonymous said...

good to see that williams died.

Chris Sand said...
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Chris Sand said...

sorry, my initial response was a little heavy handed. i've been under a lot of strain of late . . . in february, after tour, i might have more time for a friendly debate on the ethics of the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

i didn't think your initial post was inappropriate. i was glad to see you respond. when i read the anonymous comment in favor of mr williams' execution, i wanted to post something in response, but all i could do was cry.

Chris Sand said...

It's a fine line--tenderness vs. righteous indignation. For some reason it feels more true when I express the former.