Tuesday, December 02, 2003

My friend David gave me some work this morning doing janitorial duties at the Martin Apartments which he manages. I earned $25 for two hours of work and then spent the afternoon with my other pal, Jonah, looking for stamps and ink to apply to our respective cdr's that we are manufacturing. As of yet, I've been handwriting "Slippery Goodstuff"/ "Sandman" on the discs with a red sharpie. Hopefully, now, they will look better. The design(s) I've chosen will be a mystery...

I send my love to you all. I know that cookies or money would be better, but love is really all you need. Which reminds me... why has the song "Nowhere Man" been stuck in my head for the last twelve hours? I'm not even a Beatles fan. Which triggers another random anectdote: Apparently Bob Dylan recently called a friend of mine and asked her to be on his new cd. She hung up on him, thinking it was a joke, until he called back and explained that he was sincere. She is a great blues guitarist from Houston and her name is Carolyn Wonderland.

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