Thursday, December 18, 2003

"Hey ladies, Sandy Clause is back and ready to mack. I'm as single as Kris Kringle and ready to mingle. I've got balls that jingle and a mistletoe halo. I make sugar walls tingle from Missy E. to J. Lo. Grab your shopping carts 'cause I'm breakin' hip hop hearts, poppin' cherry pop tarts and callin' it punk rock Pop Art in Carharts!"

Sorry, I just had to let Slippery out for a little jog. He's been bangin' his can on my cage for a while now. I will try to stuff him back in there soon but it may prove challenging as he "borrowed" a bottle of viagra from my neighbor, Ray, and won't stop howling!

It's weird.

Anywow, Liz and I had a wonderful dinner at Ramblin' Jack's tonight and decided to be friends. Only friends. Which is always better. Though Slippery would disagree.

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