Sunday, June 09, 2013

Stevie at St. Mary's Lake
My four-year transformation--from rappin' rural hermit to domesticated urbanite--is almost complete.  First came courtship, marriage, and daughter, along with a move from ND back to MT.  Then, six months ago, we moved into a four-bedroom house in the U District in Missoula.  All I needed was a job to pay the rent.

I can now report that I've been hired to work full-time at The Roxy Theater!  My coworkers and I are refashioning the space into an art house cinema.  More on that soon.

My life as a rambler is over for now. Such is fatherhood.  I still sing and play when I can, though.  A week ago I entertained a classroom of third graders at Hellgate Elementary.  Last night I played a campfire show at the beautiful Lazy Sousa Ranch.  Next week I fly to Nashville to attend The Nashville Songwriting & Music Business Conference.

I was once a sheep in wolf's clothing. Now I'm just a sheep.  The adventure continues . . .

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