Saturday, June 22, 2013


Greetings from Music City, USA!  I'm on the ninth floor of the Hotel Preston, contemplating joining an open mic that's taking place downstairs.  I've grown to loathe open mics, but . . . I'm goin' down.  Maybe I can make a friend or two.

Two hours later:  I sang three songs to a rowdy crowd, then strolled outside to smell the sweet scents of southern summer.  With magnolias and fireflies and the near-full moon, Nashville is magic this time of year.

I'm here this weekend for the Nashville Songwriting & Music Business Conference.  My songs are getting heard and appreciated.  Amanda Williams, who runs the show with her partner Todd, is teaching us the business of song peddling.

I first met Amanda when I lived in Nashville in 1998-99. She's an excellent songwriter who has written hits for Garth Brooks and George Jones. Here's an R-rated song of hers that you might enjoy -- "Asstastic"!


I flew to Nashville a few days early, hoping to visit several friends who live here--Jack & Kitty Norton, Jonny Fritz, and, in particular, Camo Davi.  The former three are touring, so I've had lots of quality time with Camo. He lives next to the cooling waters of Percy Priest Lake--a real bonus on these 90+ degree F. days.

Camo was my first band member.  We started collaborating in 1995.  Three or four of my first CDs feature his harmonica, human beatbox, vocals, and more.  Here's an example: Until the End of Time.

Monday I fly to Seattle for the mother-and-child reunion.  We'll stay in Olympia for a week, then it's Missoula-bound and back to work. 

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