Friday, May 18, 2012

A short video-interview I did in Brooklyn has been featured on today's NBC New York website!

I doubt many New Yorkers have ever heard such a slow-talking person before.  Most will probably scratch their heads after this one, unsure whether I'm a rural simpleton or country philosopher.

Kudos to the talented Mr. Oresti Tsonopoulos for creating the video!  More of his vids and pics may be found here.

And here's the full "PO Box 7" vid!  I lie about he population still being 120;  given the current oil boom, Dunn Center probably has close to 300 residents now.  In fact, Marathon Oil recently bulldozed my former across-the-street neighbor Vivian's barn, corral, and horse pasture to put up their slick new headquarters.  


Alison said...

Really resonated with me, Chris. It's good to be bilingual in city & country. cheers. alison
p.s., next time east coast more equipped to host.

Chris Sand said...

See you then, Alison!