Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ever heard of Day Trotter?  Check out this link to some songs I recorded there in late January of 2011: Day Trotter / Chris Sand

And here's a paragraph from a piece--titled "The Strangulated, Heart-Breakin' Glory of the Road"--that Day Trotter's head honcho, Sean Moeller, wrote up about my music:

The Cowboy writes songs about good girls and bad girls and about the white highway lines that keep them separated. He writes about the hard luck and being without any luck at all. These are stories that barely have any glory in them whatsoever. They are without much luster, instead smacking of the simple strangulation that gets to us when we're just worked to death, when we're just unable to get out from underneath all the thumbs. They are stories about taking all kinds of lumps, then getting evicted on top of it. Sand sings, "But money don't mean nothin' when a poor boy's heart gets broken/Well, I tried to cook a meal/I burnt the bacon/I tried to frame a wall/But it's misshapen/And I tried to call her bluff/But she ain't faking/Go easy on me boss/My heart is breakin'." It's one of those moments where just a little bit of mercy will go a long way and this guy is asking for it from the one person who puts him through the most hours of suffering every week. It tells you all you need to know about how beat up this guy is and even more about how many additional beatings he's going to absorb before he dies.
Stark, bordering on macabre, right?!  My life is actually very hopeful these days, but I love the poetry that went into Sean's portrait.

And to be honest, the day I showed up to record I was wrecked.

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