Sunday, January 08, 2012

I just added another unusual item to my "MERCH" page: Marijuana Bracelet (+ Unicorn Lighter & Utopia by Sir Thomas More).

Hana made the above bracelet by stringing 19 sterling silver-&-turquoise cannabis charms along a chain. 

Each leaf is stamped "sterling" on the back and comes from the Neuens' Western Shop in Bismarck, ND. The owners--my relatives-- were unaware of the hippy symbolism and sold them as maple leaf charms at $10 each.


Anonymous said...

unfortunately i am not a buyer, but LOVED the photo-layout (and backstory). it really looked like all 3 items fit together, so well done team. it is now a PERFECT book cover, and i don't even smoke pot (although i laughed out loud at the Maple Leaf reference). this is gonna be a perfect purchase or gift for somebody in Sandland.

Chris Sand said...

Thanks - I hope you're right!