Friday, January 27, 2012

5 days old.
Forgive me if all I write about is baby stuff lately.  I can't resist.  There is music news to report, but another day for that.

Back to baby.

Li'l Stevie's personality continues to unfold.  She loves taking baths and sleeping on our chests.  Her eyes are gaining focus.  She nurses often and for long periods and then, suddenly, falls off the bar stool of Hana's bosom and sleeps.  She likes classical music.

Since arriving home, our community has showered us with gifts.  Here's what our friends Janet & Frank Sucha just dropped off:
Farm eggs, apple cider, venison stew, plum jam, and pumpernickel bread.
From others we've been given cards, quiches, silk & fleece blankets, blueberries, water toys, stuffed cabbage rolls, homemade apple pie, sparkling cider, orchids, myrrh, books, floral essences, warm hats, pistachios, almond soap, kimchi, rice cakes, prunes, roses, crystals, acupuncture, lamb stew, bananas, sweetgrass, onesies, oils & lotions, grapes, chiropractic adjustments, carnations, dolls, counseling sessions, apples, tulips, chocolate, dresses, money, and more--not to mention copious amounts of time, energy, and love from my mother, Mary Herak Sand, who has been staying with us for the last two weeks.

Our downstairs neighbor, Evie, has been a fantastic support as well.  She keeps her spare bedroom open to our guests and often takes care of Gilda.  She shares her clothes dryer and TV for football games and political debates.  She also baked a chocolate cake and brought us flowers!

Having a baby is a humbling and delicious experience.


Flying Mermaid said...

I'd be concerned if you had anything but baby news right now!

jsl said...

i am so happy for you both.

Chris Sand said...

thanks jessica and emily!