Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm back! Big thanks to Michele at Custom Data in Dickinson for fixing my Blogger link, which has been broken for two weeks. It's great to have her help available.

Please notice the new merchandise page, where you can now download Sandman CDs or order them the old-fashioned way. All my CDs are included, plus a 1997 cassette tape, Like a Dog (formerly stardust).

The page has an "other merch" button, too, which links to buttons, pillow cases, and--check this out-- ring tones! Just one so far: "Go Bama Go."



Robert said...

Glad to see your journal is up and running. I am a fan of biographies, memoirs, letter collections, etc. and have been having great fun reading through your archives. I am amazed by how long you have been at it. I won't be surprised if you write a book some day. By the way, I appreciated the quote from way back when: "This is the artists' dream--to receive the inspiration to create, To share that creation with others, And to be totally supported in the process." Amen!

Chris Sand said...

Thanks, Robert! I'd love to write a book someday.