Thursday, October 30, 2008

For supper tonight, I'll eat elk meat and beets. The beets are from the garden of my neighbor to the south, Alice, who gave me carrots and beets for patching her roof.

My neighbor to the east, Vivian, brought over chocolate chip cookies, coffee, and a jar of juice today. We had a picnic on the grass.

Neighbor Ed, to the west, lent his skid steer for pushing dirt this week.

Wouldn't you like to live in a neighborhood like this?

You can!

There's a small pink house just down the block that will soon be for sale or rent. It has a spacious yard for a flower garden and croquet course. Sale price would be around $15,000.


Anonymous said...

This is very tempting....especially if I get to picnic w/ ladies Alice and Vivian!


Chris Sand said...

Tell Warner to bring his Air Jordans. After the picnic, Warns and I can shoot hoops down at the park.