Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I just returned from my friend Ella Guenther's wake. I'll miss her funeral tomorrow, because I'll be hauling tilapia to British Columbia. I leave in a few hours.

Ella was almost ninety. I saw her last Friday morning from my rooftop, which I was shingling with Dad. She drove by and waved up at us, looking enthusiastic and healthy. We learned she died later that day from an aneurysm.

When I was the Dunn County Museum Curator, Ella and I collaborated on the Dunn County Historical Society's newsletter, "Tales & Trails." She was the editor for thirty years! She loved words and wordplay, and she mischievously sprinkled many of her writings with puns.

Ella G. deserves an elegy. (Her punnery must've rubbed off.)

Bye, Ella.

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Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, dear Ella.