Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Depression. What for? When everything is coming up sunflowers, I only notice shadows.

Summer's last full moon is waning. It's all I can think about.


Chris Sand said...

test 1,2. blogger's been broke for a few days and won't let me post new blogs or edit old ones. grrr.

Anonymous said...

sometimes sunflowers turn their backs to the sun.

and hey, you've got a roof over your nearby. friends nearby too, i assume. and definitely friends far away.
and fans.

and you've got a great batch of songs made up of your life, and a "the best(?)" album as-of-now hot off the press, and a doc-film in the works.

Sandman--you got it going on, to be honest! the moon'll be waxing soon.

Chris Sand said...

this sucks! this blog's been broken for a week.

the day after i wrote this entry, i went in to edit it but couldn't change a thing. now people probably think i'm manic-depressive.

plus, i'm trying to post new show dates.

Anonymous said...

good news IS show dates!
like WINONA!!!
guess who's already there?
me, that's who.