Friday, March 07, 2008

The website MySpace is amazing in how it can re-connect old acquaintances and family. Today my second cousin Robyn discovered me. I hadn't talked to her since the 80s.

Minutes later, my first serious high school girlfriend, Addie (left), dropped me a line. I surfed her page and viewed pics of her three sons, her friends, and former husband. It makes one nostalgic.

She wrote this in her message: "It's funny... even though you're certainly too adorable to be a truck driver...somehow it does suit you, being the free spirit/king of the road that you are."

Note to documentarians: If she's willing, we have to get Addie into the film. She'll dish dirt on my high school days on the Rez, back when I rocked a Montana mini-mullet and she sported 8"-high bangs. I grooved out to Terence Trent d'Arby while working on my rusty Datsun, and she did homework to Edie Brickell at her grandparents'. I wrote suicide poetry, and she painted sad geese. I was a honky farm kid; she was an American Indian beauty. Still is, no doubt. Yowza!

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. said...

Is this Addie Paul? You gotta post that song.