Monday, March 10, 2008

Turns out my wireless card crashed and burned. Now, $130 later, Lazarus has revived. To celebrate the event, I've dubbed him (the laptop) Lazlo.

I found a sweet leather belt with a Hopi-looking silver buckle at the thrift store in Dickinson today. Also purchased a vintage leather briefcase. Lazlo fits comfortably inside.

Played rudimentary banjo tonight at G & G's. Grandpa blew along on his harp, and Grandma sang. Songs like "Down in the Valley," "Blue Tail Fly," and "Good Night, Ladies."

Here's a playful Jackson Pollock link, courtesy of my good pal Nima "The Trash Talkin' Garbage Collector of Little Isfahan, USA" Samimi. If you visit Nima's blog, Poet of the Wastes, the website pic isn't Nima. He, like the Lone Ranger, prefers anonymity.

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