Saturday, January 26, 2008

In the News:

1. Heath Ledger is dead. Crikey sad! Another awesome Australian bites the dust.

2. My friend Diana Arens, from Olympia, had her last "Free Things Are Cool" radio show on KAOS three days ago. Here's an article about her, with photo. I was briefly interviewed for it, so you can read my thoughts about her there. (FYI, Diana produced my second CD, Love's Hangover Sale, and co-produced my third, Until the End of Time.)

3. Another pal of mine, Vanessa Renwick, had her seven-minute movie, Red Stallion's Revenge, accepted into the International Film Festival Rotterdam (2008). Trisha Lovgren and I co-wrote the score for it, which can be heard on my last CD, Good to Be Awake. The song is called "Death of a Red Mare."

4. A spacious 90-year-old, three-story house in Killdeer is being given away to the first person who will move it and renovate it. It's very tempting to put it on the large empty lot next to my current house. I could fix it up, as time permits, in preparation for a future family. My current nido is barely big enough for two.

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