Sunday, January 27, 2008

Free House!

Yet another reason why I love western ND.

But to have it moved to Dunn Center, plus basement and remodeling, would cost at least $25,000.

It might be worth it, though. I'd call it the Barn and raise me a family of nine or so kids and grow a garden out back with lots of carrots, corn, dill, and raspberries. Maybe some spuds and watermelon and tomatoes and green leafy salad fixings. Pumpkins, too, and, of course, onions. I wonder how portobella mushrooms would do?

Lake Ilo's only a mile away. We could eat fish and raise a few chickens. Eggs are nice . . .

Have you heard my song Ballad of a Salad? That's Jen Grady on harmonies.


Anonymous said...

Katie would gladly help you fund raise :-) She wanted to have a sit in so it wouldn't get torn down. She even called my parents to see if they would move it to the ranch. It was very funny. Now seeing the inside I'm ready to have a sit in with her :-).
Are you back for awhile? When do you go back on the road? Stop by and visit!
Sarah M

Chris Sand said...

Hi Sarah,

I'll be back Friday. See ya then! Katie & I can bake some muffins to sell.


Anonymous said...

I heart NODAK.

lady lawrence