Saturday, December 30, 2006

Finally! Blogger has let me in . . . And now I'm 36. It feels like a year has passed since I last logged on.

Lots to talk about, but I won't. Must shave, eat, play with friends, catch a ferry to Orcas Island with Sarah! The sun is out.

The last two shows were tremendous--Bellingham & Mt. Vernon. I stayed at Robert & Chickadee's rustic cabin with no water or electric heat. They opened up both shows with their rootsy acoustic ditties. Again, I'm so blessed to have kind friends across the universe.

Tomorrow night I perform at the Doe Bay Resort & Retreat which is tucked away on beautiful Orcas Island:

They've made a deal with me there that they'll buy a large quantity of my CDs to 1) support my financial cause, and 2) use as promotional enticements for their establishment. It'll work like this: Anyone who visits and mentions my name will get a free Sandman CD and a FREE third night's lodging, if they decide to stay more than two nights. It's really worth it, too. Doe Bay Resort has clean outdoor soaking tubs, saunas, scenic beauty (Doe Bay looks out over the Ocean), super delicious and healthy food, kayaking and hiking opportunities, film and lecture series, and much more.

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