Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Grandma Vi is 100% Irish. She's looking very beautiful these days.

Today at the museum we celebrated St. Paddy's Day in style. I started the Hootenanny off w/ "Dear Grandma." We had Irish step-dancing, traditional Gaelic songs, and penny whistle. Then Dunn Center had it's yearly St. Patrick's Day parade, which is hilariously small. It finished in about two minutes, but that made it AWESOME! I need to buy a camcorder so I can document the bizarre hipness of Dunn County. I spent the day teamed up w/ my friend, Margi Coyle. Everybody thinks we're sweethearts, which we are. But we like being platonic friends better than romantic boyfriend/girlfriend. Odds are we'd ruin our friendship if we tried to date. We drank green beer at the Ilo Bar and then drove to Killdeer for a karaoke contest. Margi won 3rd-place w/ Bonnie Raitt's "Something to Talk About." I did "Rapper's Delight" which delighted many, but failed to place.

It was a bonny day full of memorable shenanigans.


Anonymous said...

Grandma Vi looks so content, and baby looks mesmerized.

Anonymous said...

I love that your parade is 2 min. long. The South Perry Street Fair has a similar parade. Every year it gets a little bigger as anyone can be in it.. goofy wonderful silliness. Hey, what happened to "Hang-gliding Jesus"?

Chris Sand said...

Hang-gliding Jesus flew off the screen temporarily. He'll be back. Maybe.