Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ever since doing "Rapper's Delight" at the Buckskin karaoke contest last weekend, high school kids have been friendly to me.

They call me the Rapper.

Out here in ranch country I can't fool anyone for being the Rappin' Cowboy. I'm just:

. . . the Rapper.

I like it. It's simpler.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!
I'm out housesitting in Thorp, WA with high speed DSL at my fingertips! Listening to your downloadable songs this way sure beats the dial up in town.

Hope you're well. Your music makes me smile and feel good. Gosh, I need to get some of the acoustic CDs. I've just been enjoying the "rapper"....

Take care,
Amanda May

Anonymous said...

That's better than "the wrapper" implying that Ya'all ain't nothin' but trash. How does high school approval still count? It just does.xoxo