Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I am in Chico, CA waiting my turn to play. We're at Moxie's Coffee House and a rapper named M.C. Orville just finished his set. Now it's Ivan's time to shine.

I'm too fascinated by the constantly curving, swirling existence of tour-life to be bored. Never-the-less... I'm excited to return to my homes in Olympia, Montana, and North Dakota in these next couple weeks! Yay!!!

California has been swell. The Oakland show last night was awesome-- I sold $160 in merch after a twenty-minute set. The house-show before that in Santa Cruz was inspired, but poorly attended. The same goes for the San Luis Obispo show. However, in SLO I had one fan who was so enthusiastic that he bought all my cds and he didn't even own a cd-player. He was a true character: 54, Hispanic, into fixing up hot-rods, taking care of his dying mother. He couldn't stop raving about my music and almost started crying during "Go Easy on Me Boss (My Heart is Breakin')". Anyway, the road is filled with these connections and it's sad to have to let them go each evening... or morning.

Our show in L.A. was off the chain. I don't know where to start in describing it except to say it took place on one of the tallest hills in Hollywood and overlooked the ocean of lights that comprise the Los Angeles valley. And miraculously a lot of people found there way up the steep hill and crowded onto the spacious lawn. The highlight of the night for me was the crew of teen-age Latino anarchist kids that showed up with their 40-dogs of Olde English and mingled with the more glamorously-dressed. During the show they crowded up front and one beautiful young woman from that crew kept repeating after every song: "I loooove you Sandman!" That was the most heart-breaking thing I think I've ever heard.

Anyway, it's time for me to go play for these college kids. Ivan just rocked the house. I don't really feel like entertaining tonight, but I'll try my best.

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