Monday, April 12, 2004

Now it's Monday. Yesterday was Easter. Check out this funny e-card that my friend sent me: bunnies.

But I have an even greater link for you to peruse that relates to my pseudo record-label: Loner, or L-one-R Records. My friends in the bands Log Hog and Jesus Chords put out a spit-release 7" record and asked me if they could slap "Loner" on it for fun. I, of course, said 'Yes' because not only are both bands awesome and my friends, but one of them is country (Jesus Chords) and the other is hip hop (Log Hog) and that particular union of styles is my steeze, my special talent, my quirky trademark. These two great American genres have been unjustly separated and regularly ridiculed by bourgeois society for classist, racist and wholly outrageous reasons! Unto these philistines I say, "Listen to this 7-inch as a primer for cultural revolution so you may be prepared for the coming upheavals in rhythm and sound!" And to you, sweet reader, please scan this loving record-review of It's the Music which appears on the front page of this month's Splendid. Long live Jesus Chords and Log Hog!

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