Sunday, January 12, 2003

I'm back from Oahu! Jen and I had the best time ever and I'd write a lot more, except that I have a date with her in 15 minutes so I must be brief. We stayed with my friend Anne Whitman for the first 4 days and her friend Steve for the last four. My friend Carey drove us around and set us up a great show in Honolulu. We swam with turtles, cliff jumped, whale watched, snorkeled, body surfed and just lounged and got a little bit tan. I also got "pink eye" and tore my right bicep boogie boarding-- it was worth it... The show went well. Carey and Anne both gave Jen and I leis (flower necklaces). We made some good money and fans and I sold 5 shirts!
(To be continued...)

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