Friday, January 17, 2003

Hi Damian and Nima! I know that you two check this thing more than most so I'll address it to you today. (If someone else reads this today or before I write a new one, let me know. I'm curious if more than a couple people check it out daily).

Tonight I won $16 at David's poker table. I took $10 of Pete Chramiec's and $6 of David's. This is the first time in weeks that I've actually won anything. I've probably lost close to $100 in the last couple months and it was pissing me off. I punched a few walls and cursed God's name more than once during that time. Well tonight, right off the bat I lost $7 and at one point screamed so loud that I think I even scared David. He told me to pipe down or I'd wake the building up. Somehow this ejaculation was cathartic, though, and I started winning everything. In the last 20 minutes I cranked up the heat and secured $23 to bring my total to an even $4-squared. It felt good. Real good. Now I sleep. p.s. my pink-eye remains...

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