Thursday, August 04, 2016

Radical Adjustments

In the pursuit of a Kickstarter miracle (my campaign ends early Aug. 5th) I've made some radical adjustments. For a $10 pledge you'll now get an AMERICAN ROAD TRIP bumper sticker AND a full-length download card of my new 13-song album AMERICAN ROAD TRIP.
PLEDGE HERE ------->
For $27 you can now get the whole AMERICAN ROAD TRIP-tych trilogy as each succeeding record gets finished (the final two will be in download form).
Please check out my Kickstarter video and page to see all additional rewards. These include Sandman pillow cases, vinyl records, coasters, posters, and the feature-length, award-winning documentary about my travels during the 2008 election cycle, Roll Out, Cowboy - a documentary.
P.S. Kickstarter rules won't allow me to "officially" change my reward tiers at this point in the game, but you have my word that I will include the extra rewards in the lower tiers as promised.

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