Saturday, June 11, 2016

Unlocking the Heart

Five days ago, on 6/6/16, I launched my first ever Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for AMERICAN ROAD TRIPTYCH: My 3-Album Adventure.

I'm not gonna lie--pledges are coming in slower than a snail climbing a greased log. On the other hand, they say the fastest way to move cattle is slowly. So, here I am, biding my time and scratchin' in the dirt like a chicken in a dung heap.

If you have a minute, PLEASE watch my dynamic Kickstarter video HERE. Marshall Granger produced it and did a great job.

On a related note, for the next eight Mondays in a row I'll be the featured musical guest on The Radio8Ball Show. This Monday's offering breaks down the question "What will it take to unlock the heart of Olympia, WA?" My song "Radio Works Fine" is used as the divination tool.

Please note that on the day this show was filmed I felt worse than a calf with slobbers and feared I'd be as worthless as a four-card flush. My larynx was locked up tighter'n the Sylvester Park gazebo (you'll understand this reference when you see the video). Fortunately for everybody, Amanda Lux, reiki energy hero, came to my rescue, and my voice not only survived, but thrived. Thank you Amanda. Props, also, to the Radio8Band who back me up!

Here's the video:

My response:

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