Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I've been pouring all of my creativity into The Roxy Theater during weekdays and into family life the rest of the time.  Music has been on the back burner, for sure.  Might stay this way a while and become a bona fide hiatus.

No problem, I tell myself.  I'd be in good company.

Wallace Stevens, at my age, took ten years off after publishing Harmonium.

Muhammad Ali, in his prime, took a three-year (forced) hiatus.  I just watched a doc about him last night called The Trials of Muhammad Ali--one of the best docs I've seen in a while.  We'll be showing it at The Roxy in September.

Courage.  Power.  Humor.  Patience.  Love.

What I'm trying to say is, tomorrow's show at Jefferson County Fair may be my last for a long time.

Main worries:

1.  What about all the new songs I've written that aren't recorded?  I'd record two new albums if I had the money and time.

2.  What about all the songs I've recorded that aren't released?  Many.

3.  What to do with all my merchandise?  People only buy my CDs, shirts, and pillow cases when I play live shows.

Goal:  Write a book of travel adventures.


Flying Mermaid said...

As long as you continue to have the balls to compare yourself to Wallace Stevens and Mohammed Ali, you should be fine!

Anonymous said...

yes Sandypants! write the book! that's the way forward! even ol' buck65 is doing it... XO Ivan