Sunday, September 16, 2012

As for music, there is lots to report, but little time.  In brief:

1. A song that I collaborated on with Giles O'Dell, Andras Jones, and Calvin Johnson made it onto an artful Kris Kristofferson compilation-2X-LP.

2. Regarding Calvin Johnson: A book about him and his record label, K Records, came out this year-- Love Rock Revolution: K Records and the Rise of Independent Music.  I get a brief mention in the last chapter.

3. I played seven fun West Coast shows earlier this month.

4. My brand-new CD, Horse Graveyard, has been well received and is selling steadily.

5. I've written enough songs this year to record another country record.  This one will be heavily influenced by my experiences driving truck and living back in Montana.

6. I'm jonesin' to write a book about my musical adventures.  I think it would be funny and a good read.

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jsl said...

a book would be great! will have to buy one of your new cds. precious pics of your family! thanks for sharing!