Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last night's Horse Graveyard CD release party went swimmingly.  I am grateful to You Are Plural and June Madrona for opening the show, and Pat Maley for letting us sing and mingle in his backyard.

The CDs look great, by the way (pictures coming soon).  They arrived hot-off-the-press from Bicycle Records midway through You Are Plural's last song.

Here is the Horse Graveyard tracklist:
  1. Johnny Thurman
  2. Bad Becky
  3. Sandy Bob
  4. Horse Graveyard
  5. Queen Patricia
  6. Go Easy on Me Boss (My Heart is Breakin')
  7. Miller Killer
  8. I Ride an Old Paint
  9. Typical
  10. Damascus
  11. When I Love
  12. Sugar Bank Hank
I'm very proud of this CD and hope it travels far and wide.

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Flying Mermaid said...

Can't wait to hear it!