Tuesday, February 07, 2012

"Bears don't really hibernate.  They just sorta chill out."

That was my response to Hana yesterday when she pointed out that we've been living very den-like this winter.  For the last two weeks, since Hana and Stevie returned from the hospital, they, Grandma Mary, and I have all been chilling out in this apartment, our little bear cave.

I've had to adjust from my old, get-stuff-done M.O. to one that surrenders to the needs of our milk-mouthed sweetheart.  At first this lifestyle shift felt taxing, but I'm finally getting into the rhythm of it all and enjoying it.  I love holding and taking baths with Stevie.  I look forward to naps with her on my chest.  For exercise I hike up Mount Jumbo or, weather permitting, go cross-country skiing with my buddy Jeff.  For entertainment I scan Facebook, or Hana and I watch The Daily Show on Hulu.

This is my awesome Mom, Mary Herak Sand.
What seems impossible now are projects that demand intense focus or time.  For example, I've been wanting to blog for the last several days and am only now getting to it.  Other neglected tasks include filing taxes, sending out baby gift thank-you cards, doing laundry, working on my music business, and connecting with friends.  Arriving at appointments on time and running errands require strategic planning.

That said, Hana and I have been extremely lucky.  My mother has been staying with us this month and helping out with cooking, cleaning, shopping, and baby care.  Her generosity of time and resources (you, too, Dad!) has been invaluable.  As I write this, Mom is holding my sleeping daughter and reading Gabby.

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Yea, Chris and Hana! XXO G