Saturday, December 31, 2011

What an exhilarating year 2011 was!

I spent the first couple months on the road performing music and also vacationing in Texas and Arizona with Hana.  By the end of March I'd begun a busy year of driving for Goodall Trucking.  By April, Hana and I were living like rustic homesteaders in my grandparents' old cabin on Killdeer Mountain.

In May we conceived a child.  In June, we had a public North Dakota wedding reception to celebrate our private 10/22/10 marriage.

I played several shows and festivals throughout the summer, and the Roll Out, Cowboy documentary screened internationally.

A sneak preview!
In mid-August, Hana moved to Montana to start a nest for our future toddler.  I hung behind and kept working with Goodall.  Around Thanksgiving I moved to Missoula to be with Hana.

Since then, both Hana's and my maternal grandmothers passed away as did Hana's Uncle Mark.  We miss them dearly.

On a hopeful note, our baby is healthy and growing bigger every day.  S/he is expected to hatch in four weeks!

Happy New Year, everyone!!  I have a feeling 2012 is gonna be weird and good.

Yours truly,
Chris Sand


jsl said...

i would like to predict that you all are having a girl. so happy for you both. jessica

Flying Mermaid said...

Sorry to hear of all your losses, but they must be greatly softened by the impending birth -- YAY! -- can't believe it's only 4 weeks away!

I was so ready to see the ass end of 2011 and am hopeful for this new year. Your baby will set us off on a fine start.


Chris Sand said...

we'll see if you're right, jessica!

thanks, emily!