Wednesday, November 09, 2011

One last trip to North Dakota for a final fish haul and then I'll be a Missoula, MT, resident.  This happens every twenty-or-so years, Missoula is my city of fresh transitions.  I lived here from 1971-1973 as a toddler and again from 1989-1992 during my first years of college.

Here's a list of things I love about Hana's and my apartment.
  1. Clawfoot bathtub.  Perfect for warming up one's bones on winter days.
  2. Spaciousness--our biggest home yet.  Hana especially likes the kitchen and multiple closets.
  3. Funky features:  plaster walls, 1940s linoleum floors, arched bedroom windows.
  4. Proximity to things we like: Mount Jumbo trailhead (2 blocks), Greenough Park (2.5 blocks), Albertsons Market (3 blocks), U of M campus (4 blocks), USPS for Hana's daily shipping of Etsy items (5 blocks), City Library (6 blocks), downtown Missoula (7 blocks)!
  5. Easy directions.  For instance, if you're leaving Boston just hop on the I-90, drive west 2,600 miles to Missoula, Exit 105, right onto Van Buren Street, first right (Poplar Street), 5th house on left, walk up stairs.  It's just as easy from Seattle.
  6. Our mailing address has the musical words "Pop" and "Soul" secretly encoded within it: 930 Poplar / Missoula, MT 59802.
  7. Big deck off back with beautiful view of surrounding mountains.
  8. I love the sound of a freight train.  Tracks are a block away.
  9. Evie, our 80-year-old downstairs neighbor, is rad.  She keeps the yard tidy.  She lets me watch football games on her big screen TV.  And she takes care of our pup Gilda.  In fact, Gilda begs to visit Evie and her dachshund Jazzy at least once a day.
  10. Deb, our lovely landlord and friend. Her rent fee is cut-rate, PLUS she keeps us stocked with bread, apples, and eggs from her free-range chickens.  She's Evie's daughter.


Duncan McLean said...

Hey Chris, never mind Boston: how far is misSOULa from cHICKago? We have a day off in February... Also, Evie is a beautiful place in Orkney: a big white beach looking east over Eynhallow (the holy island.) I believe they even have a tree up there.

Chris Sand said...

1600 miles if you're driving!