Friday, March 04, 2011

Yesterday wrapped up another epic tour of the American West. The Bisbee, AZ, show at the Bisbee Grand was a fitting finale. In spite of my near exhaustion due to lack of sleep in Los Angeles, I managed to have a blast. The best part about it was that Hana was there. We've been apart too much this winter.

Alas, yesterday morning we parted ways again--I flew home to North Dakota to resume trucking for Shawn Goodall, while she stayed in Mesa, AZ, with her doctor-in-training sister, Tala. I don't begrudge her staying in Arizona for a while, though. She spent this morning poolside with suntan lotion, while I spent it shoveling snow and charging the drained batteries of several ice-covered vehicles.

Dad is still on crutches from January's femur-shattering tractor incident, and Mom is overworked and computer-bound. Even so, I'm glad to be home, and I'm looking forward to trucking again. Tonight I'll visit Grandma Sand.

Pics from the Bisbee show:

(Above) Rachel De Vuono Garrett choreographed a smokin'-hot three-woman line/belly-dance to my song "Horse Graveyard." She was joined by Jennifer Luria (blue hat) and Dahlia Rose (far right). For video of their sexy number, click here.

More of the Wyld Vybe Bellydancers! The silver-faced mama in the center is the rock goddess Melissa Reaves. Melissa opened and closed the night. Her first set consisted mostly of blues-rock ambiance. She ended the night with a slew of off-the-wall techno jams that had the whole joint jumpin' with abandon. After her set wound down, I joined her on stage for some improv comedy and break dancin'.

P.S. Big ups to Bisbee party-starters Gretchen and Shawnee for being amazing in all ways Music and Art!

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