Monday, February 28, 2011

TONIGHT, downtown LA--ROLL OUT, COWBOY: If you have any LA friends, please let 'em know about this. We have a chance of selling out all 220 seats.


Auspiciously, an acquaintance of mine, Audrey Marrs, was in town last night for the Academy Awards. A movie she produced, Inside Job, won the Oscar for best documentary feature. To see a picture of Oprah handing her the statuette, click here. I recorded my first cassette tape--Witness the Strength of Sandman--in Audrey's second-floor Olympia apartment in 1993 ("Heartbreak was Her Name," "Sneakin' Suspicion," "Desperate Gigolo," "Premature Ejaculation," etc.). Her genius musician/robot-maker boyfriend, Matt Steinke, played drums and electric guitar on a few of those early oddities. Audrey was lovely to put up with our experiments.

Tomorrow I return to Tucson. Hana will pick me up at the airport and we'll drive to Bisbee, AZ, for my last show before I fly back to NoDak. Belly Dancers are practicing a couple of my songs and will join me on stage at the Bisbee Grand Hotel. Show starts at 7:30. My performance will be part of the curiously wacky FakeJan Festival.


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love23 said...

Hey SANDMAN! I see you haven't posted since you hit Bisbee. Who could too much fun stuff happening. Last night was my absolute favorite performance by you, if left me wanting to hear more and more and more. I am listening to your latest CD, thanks so much for being so generous, and I love the new CD!!! Can't wait to see the documentary. I am so proud to know you and for a good while, and love all the GREAT things that have happened to you since I know you. Your wife is wonderful, and see you both next winter! Much Love KATE