Saturday, January 29, 2011

This has been one crazy week. Next week is more of the same. It's been good, though. Report coming, if I can carve out the time.


Unknown said...

An amazing, warm and *sold out* Winona Frozen River Film Festival crowd enjoyed you and the fabulous chronicle...Roll Out Cowboy. What a fantastic slice of life this is! What a family treat we had. Thank you, Chris.


Anonymous said...

trivia answers from winona night:
1. On May 18, 2003, Sandman played his first Winona show. Where was it held?
*tiebreaker (don't fill out) Who else played that show?
2. On Sept.26, 2003, a limited edition CD "Winona Fourplay" was covertly recorded by Casey Korder of the Rumble Pups. Where was this done?
*tiebreaker (don't fill out) Who were the following songs dedicated to on that cd: "Big River" "If I Had a Kayak" "The Gol' Darned Wheel" "My Buddy Jack" "Ballad of A Salad"?
3. Winona's first ever Critical Mass bike ride made a stop at a block party where Sandman was performing. Where was this?
4. The "Great Folk Scare concert" (an acoustic duo show with Jack Norton) was held where?
5. Charlie Parr was "officially" introduced to Winona at a Oct.'03 concert with Sandman, Jack Norton and Larry Penn. Where was this held?
*tiebreaker (don't fill out) What was this event called?
6. The 2004 pre-election "Rebels on the Road" tour finale' (with Stephan Smith, Mike Bird and Froseph) was a rare all-ages show. What venue held it?
7. The publicity page features a Sandman performance photo from what Minnesota City Bar?
8. Where has Sandman has played a basement show in Winona?
9. Sandman's hip-hopera premiered at the MN Fringe Festival with the Moustaches, but was to secretly "debut" at this outdoor venue in Winona?
*tiebreaker (don't fill out) Who else was on that bill?
10. 2004's 52shows-in-52days tour with started at the Green Lantern and ended at this local land cooperative?
*tiebreaker (don't fill out) Who else performed at the tour finale'?
11. The Nashville Superstars first (and only) show in Winona was with Sandman at what venue?
12. What Winonan recorded the album Rough Notes From Otter Cove in Washington state but produced it in Winona?
* tiebreaker (don't fill out) What Winona artists group that letterpressed the package and lyric book for this?
+Final tiebreaker: How many current & former Winonans have appeared on Sandman albums?
Answers found in the film:
A.Sandman mistakenly calls Winona boathouses "houseboats" in the film. On what island did he make this statement?
Z.Sandman's most recent show in Winona, in conjunction with the GrassRoutes Caravan @ the Really Really Free Market, was held where?
s1 surprisingly at the Hei N Low (backyard day/inside night)
* Jack Norton, Brian Ebbinger, Danny Draz, Aaron Sands, Dr.Bob, Siobhan Boyle, Franz (most answers are acceptible)
s2. Rock Solid Youth Center
* Johnny Cash (he had just died), Red Tail Outfitters, Critical Mass bike ride, Jack Norton, Blue Heron
s4. old BLUE HERON (on Huff St.)
*"Gathering of Highway Troubadours"
s7. L-COVE (Tiffany took the photo)
s8. HAVANA HOUSE, CANSWER HOUSE, DOWN N DIRTY BIKE CLUB (when it was below St.Vincent dePauls)
* froseph, random thoughts, kamau, rock bottom, dj vigilance
s10. WISCOY Wiscoy_Valley_Community_Land_Cooperative
*Ivan Okay, Wacky Waterwheelin Walleye Cycle Circus, Mike Bird

+ Froseph/Joe Kujawa, Cassandra Johns, Alex Stevens, Cara Nicole (Schwartz), Jamie Harper, Katie Mae (Mueller), Julia Belle Swain (Bates), Brian Patrick Sanders Jr., Lindsay Haupt, Jack Norton, (Casey Korder & Tiffany Ralston acceptible)

A. Latsch Island NOTE is NOT Latch. latSch! (named after the greatest Winonan ever)
Z. Ed's no-name Bar (that was phrased poorly, indeed the RRFM was at Gabrych/Sobieski Park)